About Kaothon

Kaothon is an exciting startup that is redefining the way people use online and e-commerce services in their everyday lives. We offer a wide variety of services that save people time and money, and allow businesses to reach their customers like never before. Our powerful platform brings you the best in both convenience and mobility, serving as a one-stop shop for online bookings and transactions. We believe that online services and mobile technology should be a routine part of the people's lifestyle, so we are working to ensure that these capabilities are easy to use and accessible to everyone. Our applications and portals offer secure channels for customers to do everything from book a taxi to purchase movie tickets. People simply get online, select a service, and make their payments through a safe and trusted system. And, thanks to our mobile platform, no matter where you are, or what time it is, business never stops. Kaothon International is all about making people’s lives fuller and easier, and we are thrilled to offer our users and partners the absolute best in online services.
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