Kaothon TV

Enjoy a high-quality and picture-perfect entertainment experience on your computer or mobile device with Kaothon TV. The Kaothon TV service lets you watch all of your favorite web videos and online shows with the image quality you get on your television.

Use our intuitive search feature to browse content from multiple sources, then create a playlist of your favorite videos and shows that will play continuously while you sit back and relax. The service is compatible on all devices, so switch seamlessly from your PC to your iPad to your smartphone, with an image that stays consistent across each screen.

Watching TV is transformed from a passive activity into a social activity with Kaothon TV, thanks to social media features and feeds of shared content. Tell your friends and family what you love to watch, and use the Facebook channel to check out what all of your friends are watching.

If you’re ready to take your TV experience mobile and social, then register now for Kaothon TV!

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